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Excavating Machinery Project of RongAn Heavy Industries started in Hefei Economic Development Zone
Published: 2010/11/26 9:52:45 Source: Visits: 8557

On November 17, 2010, excavating machinery project of RongAn heavy industries was officially commenced. The project is situated at east of Paihe River and west of Susong Road, covering area of 850Mu with total investment of 2.64 billion RMB, and its design capacity is annually 30-thousand of excavators and 400 rotary drilling rigs. The project is listed in “861”project, 2010 of Anhui province and is a key promotion project in twelfth-five year plan of Hefei city.

Provincial and municipal leaders attended the opening ceremony, they are Mr. Zhang Danning, deputy director of Anhui Department Of Commerce, chief engineer Mr. Li Jiashou of Anhui Economics and Information Committee, director of Anhui Machinery Industry Association Mr.Jin Jianguo, deputy mayor Mr. Wei Xiaoming of Hefei , Mr. Wang Houliang, director of Hefei Municipal Development and Reform Committee, Mr. Hua Ai, Secretary of CPPCC Hefei Committee and leader of RongAn project leading group, and Mr. Yao Weidong, first deputy director of Management Committee of Hefei Economic&Technological Development Zone, etc.. Mr. Wei Xiaoming, Mr. Yao Weidong, Board Chairman Mr. Deng Hui of RongAn Heavy Industries and Mr. Yan Zhirong, special assistant to board chairman of China Rongsheng Heavy Industries group respectively addressed the ceremony.

Mr. Qi Jun, chairman of China Engineering Machinery Industry Association expressed when attending the eighth sales forum of China engineering machinery that, “2010 is the best year for engineering machinery since the beginning of reform and opening up, annual growth of this year will be more than 52%, and sales income of the whole year will be more than 400 billion yuan. The average growth rate of engineering machinery is 17% recent five years which is more than twice of growth rate of China’s GDP, and the sales income is expected to reach 900 billion yuan by the year 2015.

The beginning of the excavating machinery project marks “Rongsheng engineering machinery industrial park” entering into implementation phase. The industrial park engages in research and development, production and sales of all kinds of engineering machinery invested by Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group, mainly developing excavator, pavement construction machinery, crane machinery, concrete machinery, mining machinery, agricultural machinery and other rising industries. The park covers area of 4100mu according to the planning with total investment of 9.02 billion yuan.

As implementation main party of the industrial park, Anhui RongAn Heavy Industries Co. Ltd will be built under principle of “integrated planning, step by step implementation”. Sales income is expected to reach 30 billion yuan by year 2015 and 100 billion yuan till 2010. Excavator project will go into full operation in June next year, and sales target for realizing 3 billion yuan in 2011; 10 billion in 2012 has also been set. Party committee and government leaders at all levels attached great importance and gave full support to establishment, report for approval and preparing of the project which has been approved by Anhui Development and Reform Committee on October 25, 2010.    

China Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Co. Ltd. is a world famous manufacturer for large ocean transportation ships, ocean equipments and power devices, providing large ocean transportation ships for worldwide shipping corporations whose production bases are located in Rugao, Jiangsu province and Hefei, Anhui province. Entering into the field of engineering machinery is an important step in the road of group diversification development.

In the process of project implementation, RongAn Heavy Industries will advocate enterprise culture of “passion and excellence”, hold business philosophy of “integrity, responsibility, teamwork, struggling, science and innovation”, adhere to principle of customer satisfaction, stockholder satisfaction, employee satisfaction and community satisfaction, achieve good economic benefits and social benefits, effort to create a world class engineering machinery manufacturing enterprise.

Rongsheng heavy industries invested RongAn power marine low speed diesel project in hefei economic&technological development zone in 2008, taking only 16 months to manufacture the first engine which made the “RongAn miracle”. It was the good infrastructure, complete industrial system, beautiful ecological environment, open cultural environment and the fast and efficient service attracted Rongsheng Heavy industries group to invest the new project again in the zone.

It is known that industry has got into rapid development since the beginning of this year in Hefei economic&technological development zone. Industrial added value has reached 88.7 billion yuan in the first ten months, increasing by 34%, and annual industry output will break through 100 billion yuan. The start of the project will speed up building national important modern equipment manufacturing base which will contribute to the birth of a new hundred-billion industry.

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