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Hefei RongAn Power Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprise mainly engaging in marine diesel engines. Registered and established in August 2007 in Hefei City, the company is located between east Paihe River and west Susong Road in Hefei Economic & Technological Development Zone of Anhui province.

The project is listed as one of Anhui “861 projects” and Hefei121” key project. Approved by National Development and Reform Committee on March 6, 2009, it is the first and the only private enterprise that was approved by the committee to manufacture low speed engine in China.

RongAn Power had already signed the licensing agreements with Wartsila and MAN to manufacture low speed diesel engine with cylinder bore range from 350mm to 980 mm. The first engine-RONGAN-WARTSILA 6RT-flex68-D which was exported to Brazil was delivered on 22, Oct. 2009. In June, 2010, China first 7RT-flex82T engine manufactured by RongAn was successfully delivered and the following manufacture of other models of WARTSILA and MAN engines will be carried out in succession.

Following the strategy of Rongsheng Investment Group, RongAn Power will start from low-speed diesel engine project and will establish RongAn Power Machinery Industrial Park in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone, in which main marine products, including low-speed and medium speed engines, propellers and ship crankshafts will be manufactured and a comprehensive solution for marine power system will be provided to customers.

The company adheres to principle of synchronization of “plant building, talents cultivating, engine making, and benefit creating”, upholds the responsibility of satisfying customers, satisfying shareholders, satisfying the staff and satisfying community, advocates enterprise culture of passion and excellence, keeps to combining technological innovation with mechanism innovation, values talents training and introduction, cultivates RongAn- featured enterprise core competence, and achieves good economic benefits and social benefits.

Aiming at rapid development, the company bases on strategic area of “Rise of Central China”, seizes opportunity of ship supporting industry development, and works hard to become world-class engine maker.

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